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About Our Products

At Fable, we're on a mission to expand into every part of the home, and are always adding new products to our range. Here's the latest and greatest.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Fable plan on releasing next?

At Fable, we’re excited at the prospect of slowly expanding into every part of your home. The best way to hear about new and upcoming product launches is to sign up for our newsletter!

What are your textiles made from?

The Tablecloth and Napkins are made from 100% pure linen that carries the Masters of Linen® quality label and Belgian Linen™ quality labels. Each piece also has a Fable label that’s made from 100% cotton.

Does linen have to be ironed?

No—in fact, linen has a tendency to take on beautiful, organic wrinkles, especially after coming out of the dryer. It can be ironed for a more formal, refined aesthetic, or simply washed and dried for a more natural, casual look. If ironing, iron with steam on slightly damp linen, preferably on the inner face of the fabric.

Does linen shrink?

Linen may shrink up to 3%, especially if put in the dryer on high temperatures for long periods. We recommend line drying your linen when possible, or tumble drying on low-medium heat (and taking care not to overdry it).

What makes linen a great choice for the kitchen and table?

We chose linen for its durability and longevity. It’s naturally strong, absorbs moisture easily, is lint-free, and is easy to care for. Plus, the more you wash it, the softer (and better) it gets. Available in Oatmeal and Gray, our linen naturally complements all Fable dinner plate sets.