Our vision

We started Fable to spread joy. Specifically, we want to bring joy to every meal. We often focus on the people at the table and, increasingly, the ingredients in our meals (and rightly so!). At Fable, we believe the glasses, plates and cutlery at those meals deserve a similar focus.

We want to bring the joy of shared meals to everyone, not just those who can afford our plates

Our beliefs

We’re all about helping to create special moments, and we believe everyone deserves to have those moments. So, we came up with a way to help make that happen. When you buy from us, we’ll pay it forward by providing a meal to someone in need.

Our product

Given our reasons for starting Fable, we wanted to make sure to deliver elegant, high-quality tableware while keeping the price reasonable. We’ve done that by cutting out the middleman, and we’re passing the savings on to you.

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Our team

Personally, many of our favourite moments revolve around eating. But when we looked deeper, it wasn’t just about the food; it was sharing and stories which really made those moments shine.

The scent of fresh, home-cooked dishes; the splash of wine in a glass; the glow of candlelight; and animated conversation—these are the building blocks for great memories. Of course, none of this can take place without tableware.

We handle and use these items every day. They are present at every meal; they should contribute to those special moments. Once we started thinking in this way, we noticed that tableware options were all too boring, too expensive, or too poorly made. We decided to change that.

Tina Luu, Co-founder
Max Tims, Co-founder
Joe Parenteau, Co-founder