Our story

Our name is inspired by the special moments when friends gather, exchange stories, and break bread. We aim to create more of these moments.

Our vision

Bring people together

We value those shared moments of joy over food, and helping to create more of them. From hosting your friends for a pizza night, cooking your almost famous pasta for a love interest, or a simple meal after work with your partner, we want to help elevate these moments starting with better tableware.

Our beliefs

Meals for everyone

We don't think it's acceptable that there are hungry children in our communities. That's why we partner with Mealshare—for every set of tableware purchased we donate a meal to a youth in need. 

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Our product

Less is more

Being able to dress us up or down, our tableware is simple yet elegant, modern and timeless. In today’s mass consumption world our designs are made to last to years and many dishwasher cycles.

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Our model

Accessibly priced

We believe everyone should have access to high-quality tableware. Handcrafted and premium tableware is many times out of the reach for everyone. We're here to change that.

Our team

Many of our favourite moments revolve around sharing stories and great food. 
The scent of fresh, home-cooked dishes; the splash of wine in a glass; the glow of candlelight; and buzz of animated conversation—we think these moments are the building blocks for great memories. Of course, none of this can take place without tableware.

We handle and use these items every day. They are present at every meal and they should contribute to those special moments. We created Fable to bring joy to every meal.

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