The Dinner Party

After a hiatus, it’s blissfully back: the opportunity to host dinner parties again. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be serving you three courses from three chefs, and a delightful cocktail to start the evening. Before you know it, you’ll have everything you need to do dinner parties, the Fable way.

David and Drew cooking for friends
Drew Dunford

To Start

As a child, Drew grew up pretending to be a chef on a cooking show. These days, those dreams aren’t too far off—the chef part, anyway. Project manager by day, and one half of the culinary duo behind GTO Burger, a Vancouver-based pop-up burger concept, Drew has a steady hand in the kitchen—whether it’s at the flat top or hosting friends for elaborate meals at home.

We teamed up with Drew to bring you the first of three courses: an autumn-appropriate wild mushroom soup infused with the mild Mexican flavors of epazote and smoky cascabel chiles.


The Breakfast Bowl

Wild Mushroom Soup

In Drew’s rendition, chanterelle and lobster mushrooms take center stage—but any seasonal mushrooms, from your local market or foraged yourself, will do. The more variety, the better.

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The Sounds

Fable Audio 004

Set the tone for rinsing, chopping, and dicing with Drew’s prep-perfect playlist.

Ready for the next course?