Our Designs

Modern and functional - our selection of high-quality dinnerware and flatware is meant to go with every meal and fit in every home. We make creating a table you love easy.

A part of our vision for Fable is to build something positive for the world. We want to create items that initiate conversation, implement local designs, and work seamlessly with the atmosphere of your home. Our dinnerware is designed to flawlessly accompany great meals and be a part of memories for years to come. This led us to create designs that were timeless, elegant, and memorable.

The Vision

At Fable, we aim to bring joy through premium dinnerware. We value the moments of joy shared over food and we believe that setting a beautiful space enhances these moments. From hosting your friends for a casual pizza night, cooking your almost famous pasta for a love interest, to a simple meal after work with your partner, we want to help elevate these moments, starting with better dinnerware. Our vision is to implement modern, functional, and ethical dinnerware that can be a part of anyone’s story.

Knowing that not everyone in Canada is able to have these experiences is why we donate to Mealshare, a non-profit company aiming to end youth hunger. For every set of dinnerware purchased we donate a meal to a youth in need through our partners at Mealshare.

Our Inspiration

Our designs and colors are West Coast inspired. As residents of the West Coast of Canada and having embraced the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, we wanted each piece to be designed as a homage to the bluebird ski days in Whistler, sailing through False Creek and driving up the sea-to-sky highway.

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