Our Dinnerware

We searched across the globe for ceramic partners that shared our vision for producing beautiful products in ethical ways. We believe that just producing good looking products isn’t enough.

How We Found Them

We chose Portugal - a country steeped in the traditions of artisan crafted ceramics. After sifting through more than forty different producers, and meeting dozens more in person, we arrived in Fatima and met Susie. She welcomed us into their bright, clean facility, and we were immediately struck by the mood of the team. It was lunchtime, and laughter and chattering echoed from the cafeteria. We thought this would be a pretty cool place to work. Once we heard about their equal opportunities hiring practices, their focus on zero waste, and how they incorporate sustainability into every decision, not to mention producing beautiful products, we knew we found our match.

The Materials

The materials used in our dinnerware collections are made from recycled ceramic pieces and clay that is locally sourced just miles up the road. Water used during production is filtered on-site and reused until it becomes too saturated with clay particles to be useful. Instead of dumping this saturated water down the drain, it’s delivered to local farmers to be used as fertilizer.

The Process

Crafted by local Portuguese ceramists with a long tradition of ceramics craftsmanship, our products are made using a balance of machinery and an artisan’s touch. The clay, mixed by machine, is transported to a press, where it is shaped and trimmed. Once dried and evaluated for quality, each piece is then hand sanded and glazed. It’s then transported to the kiln to be fired, then cooled and boxed, ready for their voyage across the Atlantic ocean to your door.