We're Fable

When it comes to creating our dinnerware, we partner with artisans who commit to exceptional craftsmanship with the best materials, sustainable practices, and ethical employment. We create our products in small batches to ensure their excellence - because we believe firmly in quality over quantity.

We focus on transparency. Our pricing, who we partner with, and our environmental impact; we are default open.

Artisan Made

We partner with artisans from across the world. Bringing the best, no matter where they are located, to your home.

The Details Matter

Sustainably Sourced

From recycled clay to sustainable packaging, we only partner with people who think about the Earth the same way that we do. We are dedicated to becoming a zero-waste business.

Ethical Creators

Our partners provide equal wages for men and women in addition to a work environment that is clean and safe. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Meet Our Creators

Radically Transparent Pricing

We believe in radical transparency. From who we work with to our pricing model we are default open. Check out how we price our pieces below.